Running God's Way: Step by Step to a Successful Political Campaign

If you've ever wondered considered running for political office but didn't know where to begin, wonder no more. Running God's Way equips you with the strategies, practical advice, and inspiration needed to conduct a successful campaign for public office.

This one-stop, easy to use resource outlines the winning strategies needed to succeed on Election Day. It combines the time-tested campaign strategies and wisdom outlined in the Bible with real-life insights and practical advice acquired from Vicky Hartzler's over twenty years of on-the-ground campaigning as a volunteer, three-term state representative, and current member of Congress.

Running God's Way goes beyond theory of campaigning to practical applications. The complete book contains questionnaires and useful examples of campaign materials, volunteer forms, fundraising envelopes, direct mail pieces, newspaper ads, and campaign timelines so readers can more easily carry out the call to run for public office. In this complete guide to campaigning, candidates, supporters, and people of faith wanting to impact their world will learn how to:

  • Write a winning campaign plan;
  • Put together an enthusiastic volunteer team;
  • Deliver a memorable message;
  • Utilize technology to win elections;
  • Use social media to your advantage;
  • Raise money;
  • Implement a successful door-to-door program;
  • Wage war from the trenches; and
  • Get out the vote on Election Day.

Whether you've always had a dream of running for public office or you feel led to support someone else as a volunteer, this book will give you all you need to get started... and to see victory on Election Day!

About the Book

  • 381 pages, 6.14" by 9.21" inch book, soft cover
  • Projected publication date: January, 2016
  • Published through Xulon Publishing

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