• “As one who has held public office, I see Congresswoman Hartzler’s book as an essential. There are very few resources available that can help Christians run a campaign that both honor God and succeed. Vicky has not only written the book, she has carried it out in practice. If you are considering running for office or you want to help those who are, Running God’s Way is a must read.”
    -- Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council
  • “One of the biggest problems with politics today is getting good people to run for office. And one of the biggest reasons they don’t run is they don’t know how—it seems a daunting task. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s book is the answer. So whether you are a candidate, supporter, or patriot, this book is for you.”
    -- David Barton, Founder and President, WallBuilders
  • “Congresswoman Hartzler’s unique book describes exactly what you need to know to run a well-planned campaign. You owe it to yourself, and the traditional Judeo-Christian values in which we believe, to read her book.”
    -- Alex Mooney, U.S. Representative, West Virginia 2nd District
  • “This woman of faith has written a practical and powerful book about running for office. Reading it, I was grateful—and not for the first time—that God called Vicky Hartzler into public life.”
    -- Jim Talent, former U.S. Senator, Missouri
  • “Vicky Hartzler is a leader’s leader who shares generously with anyone who wants to follow her path in public service. Vicky takes on issues no one else will. She confronts giants with a rare fearlessness. This book is a practical guide in which she generously reveals the strategies that gave her the confidence and ability to capture a seat at the table.”
    -- John Loudon, former State Senator, Missouri
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