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Here are some selected reader comments for Running God's Way, taken from the Running God's Way entries on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites:

  • Running God’s Way is a brilliantly written and straightforward guide to running a concrete campaign. It is the go-to for an insightful, comprehensive handbook for anyone seeking public office in a principled and Godly way. The experienced-based tips Hartzler offers is unmatched and truly unique. ~ State Representative Diane Franklin (Missouri, District 123)
  • Running God's Way has been my inspirational guide for understanding the step-by-step basics of running a successful campaign. Each chapter provides practical applications in a ready-to-use format. This book is a great gift in support of a new candidate running for office, a helpful guide for supporters, and a valuable tool for experienced candidates. Thank you, Congresswoman Hartzler, for sharing your expertise! ~ Missouri State Representative Patricia Pike - 126th District
  • This book is EXCELLENT. It is full of creative ideas and lots of details. The author does a wonderful job of sharing her wisdom and experience in running a successful campaign. My husband is running for a county-level office. This book has been an excellent tool and has been the foundation to begin his campaign. This is a great resource for anyone even contemplating whether or not to run for any level. ~ Jodie (Missouri)
  • Obviously written from personal experience, this book offers practical helps in running a political campaign from a distinctively Christian worldview. The author begins with God's initial call to get into the race for state rep and goes through all aspects from making a plan to making speeches, advertising, fundraising, getting the vote out, etc. Her strategy is based in integrity from start to finish. ~ Jenny (Peculiar, MO)
  • This book is an excellent source of information for anyone contemplating a run for office. The author is very experienced with an outstanding personal reputation who served as a State Representative. This book focuses on running a clean campaign, honesty, integrity and all the things the people wish for in a candidate whether 'Democrat or Republican'. The book discusses how to avoid smear campaigns while keeping a good reputation among the constituents. What a different place the political world would be if all candidates read and practiced the truths contained in this book! ~ Christie Kern
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